There are six classes in all in Gates of Andaron, and none of them are weak.

  1. Warrior: These are the lifeblood of the army; many lives are saved because of the power of these valiant men.
  2. Archer: These lithe soldiers are the masters of long range combat. Woe to him who upsets an archer, he will be dead before he even reaches his foe.
  3. Night Walker: The assassins and spies of the army, Night Walkers are the masters of the unseen. Slipping past guards, they can stop attacks before they even start.
  4. Magician: Masters of fire and ice, magicians can utilize a number of powerful attacks against the enemy. Many players have been quoted, "I hate mages." because mages are the bane of every existance.
  5. Priest: Healers, blessers, and masters of darkness, priests are something you want in every party. You don't want them against you, as they can bless themselves and virtually stop you cold.
  6. Evocators: These are the true beast masters. Evocators are some of the most deadly of all, because they have a pet. Most prefer the pets from the mission maps, as those have special abilities. If you face an evocator, you have to get through their pet first.

These classes are each very important to each war. Woe betide to those who face any of these in wrath. To Derion and Valorian: May the best army win!

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